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Today we are the leaders in the field of Sales Professionals Recruitment.

In a highly competitive, constantly evolving market, job postings usually doom the recruitment of sales professionals and agents to failure.

Our peculiar recruitment method is different, because it is based on the direct contact and the continuous relationship with sales agents. We can, thus, constantly update their professional path and focus on the right profiles.

Thanks to this effective approach, our clients can say: “I found the right person”.




average researches per year



A step forward towards the growth of your company.

Because we know the professional path of sales agents. Because we have gained an extensive experience and know-how. Because we can meet the needs of our clients. Because we are clear and transparent. Because our staff are constantly trained.

Because we know the professional path of sales agents: we are not only interested in knowing what a sales agent is doing today, but we also give an added value to her/his career, since during the years we have been following her/his professional choices and provided her/him  with a constant support. This is the only way to propose her/him agencies that are in line with her/his profile.

For our extensive experience: Everap was established 35 years ago, and during these 35 years we have been constantly evolving around the needs of the market and of our clientele. Nowadays, thanks to our know-how, we are in a position to provide our service at best.

Because we can meet the needs of our clients and listen to sales agents: we are able to fully understand their needs because we know the sales professionals with whom we are working. We are sure that listening to both parties is the only way to get a successful result.

For our know-how: we support our client throughout the entire recruitment process, also during the negotiations and the first months of cooperation with the sales agent.

For our transparency: our agreements are clear and transparent as to rights and obligations, to safeguard the interests of all parties.

For our staff’s training: our recruiters and head hunters are constantly trained in line with the market changes and in order to be up to their position.


A team work

Our long-lasting experience acquired in more than 30 years, the ability to listen to clients, our specialization and the direct knowledge of sales professionals: all this makes the difference. We are fully convinced of it.

Our working method, conceived not only “for” the client, but also “with” the client, provides us with detailed and updated information so that we can be fast in reaching the goals. Information simply given to the client is  not enough: we support our client in every step of the recruitment process. This is the only way to find the right person in the least possible time.

Thanks only to our team work, the result can be achieved.


Support companies in their business development.

We aim at becoming the reference agency for all those Italian companies wishing to build and develop their sales network in full compliance with agreements, but mostly in respect of the persons: the client, the candidate or the internal staff.


Thanks to a more than 30-year-long experience, the continuous training of our internal team and a careful geographical expansion policy, we have been creating a wide network of relationships with sales professionals.

Being involved in around 1000 recruitment processes per year means the continuous update of the C.V.s of the sales agents daily reached by our team.

  • 45 employees
  • 70 people
  • 980 average researches per year
  • +15.000 clients

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