Controller of the processed data: Everap S.p.A. – Renato Quiliquini
Controller of the processed data contacts: Everap S.p.A. – privacy@everap.it
Data Protection Officer: Alessandro de Piccoli
Data Protection Officer contacts: dpo@everap.it


Everap is an employment agency specialized in the recruitment of personnel on a national and international level, authorized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies (Aut. Min. Lav. n. 1318, 15/01/2007)

Everap provides the following services:

  • research and recruitment of professionals (sales agents, sales executives, export area managers, sales managers, etc.) that are introduced to client companies requesting this service;
  • international development support – Seles TEM Temporary Export Manager (research of business partners)

We are an employment agency specialized in the recruitment of sales professionals and business development.
People use our services to improve their job position. Our privacy information note is valid for all the people who choose to apply for agencies/job positions and/or subscribe to our website.


Everap’s working method is based on direct knowledge of professionals with whom it gets in daily contact. Everap’s organization contacts periodically the candidates in its database for agency offers, job offers, business partnership offers for Italy and abroad through its division Seles.

We are in direct contact with the professional profiles contained in our database.


Due to the peculiarity of the sales agent’s professional profile and of sales professionals, our data processing purpose is to follow you in your entire professional/working path, at the core of a service aiming at improving your professional status through job offers/agency offers.

Considering the abovementioned purpose, we will ask you your consent to process the personal data you gave us,including:

  1. General personal details,
  2. Legal data (art. 10 GDPR), only with the purpose of verifying possible incompatibilities with the offered job position.

The providing of these data is non-obligatory, though in lack of it we cannot provide the abovementioned services. Upon the acquisition of data during the subscription to the website www.everap.it or after phone interviews or interviews through other multimedia platforms we will process other information, such as your professional experiences, educational qualification, preferred job positions, etc. or other professional skills peculiar to your role.

In some cases, such as recruitment activities from job portals or public enterprises, we will get your data from these third parties, to whom you gave your consent for their transmission.

We want to improve your professional development through agency offers/job offers.


To do it as best as we can,  we will process many personal data, but only with your consent.


With the aim of achieving the purposes for which we need to collect your personal data, Everap will collect and archive in its information systems your personal data provided spontaneously by you and/or collected as well from third parties.

Your data can be collected and archived also in printed format.

Your data will be processed by our operators conveniently trained to perform processing activities.

We will safely archive your data.


Your data, with the aim of achieving the abovementioned purpose, could be transmitted to third parties located inside the EU, be that Independent Controllers or External Supervisors of data processing.
The third party categories to whom we could give your data are:

  1. The third party categories to whom we could give your data are;
  2. Companies interested in the Controller’s services.

In case that the third party located in EU acts as External Supervisor of data processing, Everap will ensure that this subject processes your data in an appropriate manner.
To guarantee its taking place, Everap will ensure that the third party possesses appropriate measures for this specific processing, will provide to the latter accurate instructions and will monitor its conduct.

We could transfer your data to third parties such as service suppliers on which we rely or to our client companies in order to provide our services.



The personal data provided by you or collected from third parties will be stored in our archives for the duration of 48 months from the date of your consent or from the date in which your professional profile has been updated after a contact between us.


Different options are available to you for the managing of your personal data. In particular, you can:

  • Remove your personal data [Art. 17 GDPR]: you can ask us to delete your personal data (i.e. if you no longer need our services). This request can be sent to privacy@everap.it
  • Change or correct your personal data [Art 16 GDPR]: you can ask directly to our operators to change your personal data. Moreover, you can ask us to update and correct your data, especially if they are not accurate, through privacy@everap.it
  • Restrict the use of your personal data [Art 18 and 21 GDPR]: you can ask us to restrict the usage of your personal data. This request can be sent to privacy@everap.it.
  • Right to access, receive and/or transfer your personal data [Art 15 and 20 GDPR]: you can ask us to have access to your personal data stored in our archives and to obtain/transfer your personal data in a readable format. For this request, you can write us at privacy@everap.it
  • Object to the use of your personal data [Art 18 and 21 GDPR]: you can ask us to stop using the entirety or a part of your personal data. This request can be sent to privacy@everap.it.
  • Right to lodge a complaint [Art 12 and 13 GDPR]: if you believe that your rights have not been respected, you can lodge a complaint to the Competent Authority according to the indications contained in the website garanteprivacy.it.

We will store your data in our archives for 48 months from the date of our last contact.